Picture of Dorian Bacharach
Dorian Bacharach at Dumbo, Brooklyn

What's The Point Of This Website?

I have created this website in order to showcase my ongoing studies within Web Page Development. As time goes on, I plan for this website to begin looking more up to date with how a modern day website should look. I will begin to implement new things that I have learned weekly, and update the website as I go on. I created this website by first purchasing the domain name dorian.tech, as well as other domains that will directly link to this website. The next step was finding a Host. I chose GoDaddy because of their amazing customer service and easy to navigate website. I purchased 3 years worth of web hosting with the deluxe package, and I plan on creating websites for local businesses and individual people, in order to expand my portfolio. This website was built 100% by scratch using HTML and CSS, and I later will begin adding various styles to it, and incorporating JavaScript soon.

Personal Info

Dorian Bacharach was born on January 15, 1999 in New York. He is currently majoring in Computer Science as apart of the RCC Honors Program. He hopes to transfer to Georgia Tech, Columbia University, or Stanford University in the Fall 2019, in order to major in Software Engineering. Dorian currently specializes in iOS Development, as he is proficient in the computer language Swift.

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